Monday, September 16, 2013

RALPH LAUREN FALL 2013 COLLECTION.......The Skirts, Pants, and Leggings


This is a sample of Ralph Lauren's beautiful collection of skirts and pants for Fall of 2013. The collection is amazing with a dramatic full-length ruffled silk skirt, along with a playful wool and cashmere skirt, for a chic modern statement.   The silk ruffled Winifred Skirt is shown below two ways. The first one is paired with the Winifred Body Suit, and the second one is shown with a sweater. The choices range from tailored pants and high waisted, wide-leg wool trousers to, to equestrian inspired leggings . Enjoy!
Winifred Bodysuit 
Winifred Silk Skirt
Wool-Cashmere Fabian Skirt

Stretch-wool Andreyev Pant
Leather Knee-Patch Legging

Leland Pant

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