Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Madeleine Christmas Collection

Madeleine Lace Shirt and Skirt
Madeleine Peplum Dress

Madeleine Taffetta Skirt

Madeleine Sequins Top
Madeleine Wool Jacket with Fur Trim

Madeleine Tuxedo Suit

Madeleine Knit Blazer with Pleated Leather Skirt
Madeleine Velvet Dress

Madeleine Dress Coat

Madeleine Suit
Madeleine Boxy Top
Madeleine Plisse Skirt
Madeleine Sequin Embroidery Dress
Madeleine Tweed Coat

Madeleine Two Piece Blouse

Madeleine Sweater
Madeleine Long Cardigan
Madeleine Leather Jacket
Madeleine Floral Dress

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Wool Jacket
Silk Blazer
Peplum Dress
Velvet Dress
Tuxedo Suit

Dress Coat
Sequin Top
Plisse Skirt

Floral Dress

Dress with Sequin

Two Piece Blouse
Tweed Coat

Long Cardigan
Blue Sweater

Black Jumper

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