Monday, March 24, 2014

MoonStruck.....A Stunning Collection by Galia Lahav Haute Couture

Galia Lahav is a world renowned designer of luxurious bridal dresses and evening gowns. She was born in Russia, and even at a young age, showed a passion for fashion and design.  Galia was involved in art and teaching in Israel, and eventually started designing haute couture wedding dresses and evening gowns. She became a huge sensation in Israel, with her local design house in Tel Aviv. Her spectacular haute couture designs grew, and developed for almost three decades, and are now recognized worldwide. Her designs are gorgeous, with her attention to detail and use of luxurious imported European fabrics. This is the elegant and romantic "MoonStruck Collection" by Galia Lahav. The lavish gowns are simply stunning, with black layers of lace and silk and exquisite detailing. She is presently considered an elite designer of evening dresses and bridal gowns in Israel and abroad.  Galia Lahav can be found in stores worldwide, including stores in the USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, and more.  In 2008, she designed dresses for the television show "Dancing with the Stars."  Please enjoy the Galia Lahav's MoonStruck Collection of captivating and luxurious dresses! Visit Galia Lahav, to see more exciting designs of this fabulous designer!

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