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My Favorite Makeup and Beauty Products

I love makeup, skin care, and just about any new beauty product. I decided that I would do a post on some of my favorite beauty products and tips. I have spent far too much money on various makeup products to even begin to calculate, and I continue to do so. It seems I can never get enough. I can spend hours in Sephora, or at the M·A·C store, and of course checking out the makeup at the local drug store. Sometimes I even come home with the same lipstick color because it looks different under the lights, or they've changed the packaging! I've invested so much in skin care with cleansers, moisturizers, anti-aging products, and even microdermabrasion. One thing that I've learned about certain products, is that you don't always have to break the bank to get the best results. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy certain products that are a little pricey. As long as it works well and I love it, then it's worth it! One example, and it took me many years to figure it out, was a good moisturizer for my skin. I grew up in the Midwest, where the winters would raise havoc on anyone's skin. Especially mine, since I am fair and somehow was the unlucky one of the family that burned in the sun, and had super dry skin. I spent a lot of money trying moisturizers that would help keep me hydrated and diminish the wrinkles that were setting in. After all these years I figured out that the best moisturizer and cleanser for me was in my kitchen cabinet...Olive Oil!!! People assume that if you put oil on your face you will automatically go into break out mode. This is not the case at all (oil dissolves oil). I also use other oils such as Castor Oil, and Coconut Oil, which have all worked wonders for me and my skin, and I've had amazing results. After all, olive oil has been used for centuries in Mediterranean! Sorry, I kind of went on a rant there, but for now, it is my moisturizer of choice, and I do use the Oil Cleansing Method of washing my face, at least a few times a week. This article on the Oil Cleansing method is really helpful and informative on just how the Olive Oil works, and how to cleanse your skin. For the rest of the days, I just use a normal cleanser and exfoliate with what ever I have on hand. I love mixing products from the kitchen to make masks or exfoliants for my face and body! Anyway, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite beauty products that I currently love and use! I understand everyone has different skin and issues, but most of these products are popular and have gotten great ratings for all types of skin! Again, I'm no beauty expert, just a girl that loves to buy and play with makeup!
Tips on Olive Oil Cleansing and moisturizing
Just make sure that the olive oil is organic and extra virgin or "first cold pressed." Once in a while, I will use a little bit of Castor Oil (found in the drug store near the laxatives...not to be confused with Castor Oil for cars LOL!) to mix with the olive oil. I usually cleanse before bed with the Oil Cleansing Method. (see method above) When I wake up, I put Olive Oil on my face as a moisturizer. This is a super cheap method, and I swear by it. Believe me when I say that I have spent a lot of money buying anti-aging products, cleansers, and moisturizers...I would get facials and microdermabrasion, and buy physician recommended products from them.  If there was a product that I found that really worked for me, I would endorse it. I truly believe that olive oil has been the most amazing product for my skin. It's especially great when you have dry skin, and you will see some real results with consistent use! 
This is Burts's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub. I absolutely love this product. Although it is called a "scrub", it is definitely safe to use everyday. I usually use this a couple of times a week or I do this with the Olive Oil Cleanse.  Sometimes I will remove my makeup with the Olive Oil Cleanse, and then use this scrub. All you have to do is dampen the palm of your hand and add the scrub to make a moist consistency, and gently "scrub" your face. This is a really gentle exfoliant/cleanser, and after your finished, you will love how soft your skin will feel! I buy this at Target and when you see it, buy a couple, because it goes out of stock frequently! If I do run out, I love going into the kitchen and making my own exfoliants and masks! Sometimes I will make an exfoliant for the shower with brown sugar, honey, and olive oil. It works amazing! You can gently use it on your face too!
I really like this sunscreen by La Roche-Posay.  This is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Suncreen Lotion Spray. This specific product is actually available at Target , or on the La Roche-Posay Website.  There are several other sunscreen products on their site. I've used a lot of their products in the past and this is a great company, just a little more expensive.  I really like this particular product because it provides great protection and absorbs quickly into the skin.  I am very fair skinned, so this is a necessity for me now that I live in California, where the sun is always shining!  For me, this is worth the splurge! It's so easy to get a quick sunburn here, especially hiking in the canyons. I like to really keep my face and chest especially protected! I don't "layout" in the sun's been over 10 years!  I don't want the wrinkles! Remember when your mom said, "Stay out of the sun...You're going to get wrinkles!" Well it is true, because the damage shows up later in life, and with each sunburn, there's damage later. So I strongly believe in staying protected and always wearing sunscreen.
Everyone always looks a little healthier with a little glow to their skin, although we know that it's not healthy to always be in the sun, especially if you don't want wrinkles like I said! I've tried so many tanning cremes, mousses, sprays...a lot of products. This is the St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. This one is by far the best one that I have found for my fair skin. It's easy to apply (with gloves) and you can see the color going on to avoid streaking. It's a little more expensive than a drug store brand, but for me, it is well worth the cost. I purchased mine at Sephora. I will also go and get a spray tan once in a great while if I have a special function and need some instant color!
Although I don't use this every day, I do use this when I go out in "full makeup." This is Make Up For Ever HD Primer. It's a really good primer to put under your makeup base.  It seems to help create a glow, and softens your skin to let your makeup glide on easier.  There are six different color correcting shades and one transparent shade. I also purchased this at Sephora.

Revlon Colorstay is an everyday "go to" makeup foundation that you can purchase at the drug store, or Target.  It's inexpensive, goes on well, and lasts all day. It also has an SPF of 15 which is important. It's always been one of my favorites. 
This a a total splurge for me for a foundation. Dior 'Diorskin Airflash' Spray Foundation is like having your own private airbrush! It's a spray foundation, that gives results similar to airbrushing. The spray mist gives you a perfectly even and radiant complexion. Yes, it is on the pricier side, but so well worth it if you have a special occasion. You can make it last longer if you spray it onto a makeup brush, instead of spraying directly on you skin. It is really light, and gives you a flawless and natural look. For me, this is a worthy splurge...I LOVE it!
This is M·A·C Pro Longwear Concealer. This works great for dark circles and discolorations. It's light weight and provides long lasting coverage.
This is the Mini Blush & Bronzer Duo from NARS, which I love because it has my favorite color blush and I love the NARS bronzing powder. The mini duo contains NARS blush in 'Orgasm,' and 'Laguna' bronzing powder. I love this color blush for my skin tone. As a matter of fact, this color was named the Winner of InStyle magazine's Best Blush for Fair and Light Skin award for shade Orgasm. I bought mine at Nordstrom.
This is another bronzing powder option that is less expensive, and I use this product all of the time. It just depends what I have on hand at the moment. This is NYX Matte Bronzer. This was a 'Best of Beauty Award Winner' from Allure. This bronzing powder comes in several shades to give you a honey glow! I got mine from Ulta (sometimes you can find it at Target also).
The one thing, of all makeup that I can't leave the house without, is lipstick. I can wear no other makeup, but I must have some lips! As you can see, my favorite lipstick by far, is M·A·C.  I do buy other brands, but I definitely love my M·A·C. I've posted a collection of colors, some of my favorites included! I typically purchase M·A·C at Nordstrom or at the M·A·C store.
As you can see, I put the names on each of the tubes of each M·A·C lipstick. Sometimes it's really hard to see the colors from the swatches if you're ordering online. Again, I usually get my M·A·C at Nordstrom.
Eyeshadow comes in so many different colors and palettes. I can honestly say that I don't ever use just one specific brand. I have so many kits, palettes, and individual eye shadows. I will say that M·A·C Eyeshadow is for sure one of my favorites, but I do have a few kits and palettes that I use frequently. You just never know what color you want to wear with whatever outfit or occasion. You can never have too much!

This is another one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes. Urban Decay always has amazing eyeshadow palettes. This is the Naked 3 by Urban Decay. I love the colors in this palette. The rose-hued palette is awesome with blue eyes. I LOVE this palette! 
I use this M·A·C Fluidline for an eyeliner. I also have a ton of eye pencils as well, but this is just a go to black eyeliner. I got this at Nordstrom.
I just started using this M·A·C 'Extended Play Gigablack Lash' Mascara around Christmas. I really love it. I have long lashes, but I need more volume, so this is perfect for me. It has a really thin brush, which I didn't think I would like, but it really works well! I also got this at Nordstrom. I'm going to skip the whole eyebrow section, because I try and use so many different things and have no favorites! Eyebrows are such a personal preference, and everyone has different shapes, etc., so I will leave that up to your choice!
One of my current favorite perfumes is VIKTOR & ROLF Flowerbomb. This is a really powerful fragrance, so you have to go light when you spray it! I love this perfume.
The Gucci Eau de Parfum II is another one of my faves. I've used this for a while now. It's also a little more subtle than the Flowerbomb

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