Friday, December 4, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside....and it's the most wonderful time of year!!

Winter Snow and Trees
Now that I live on the West Coast, I thought I would do a holiday post reminiscing about being in Michigan, in the freezing cold, with six inches of fresh fallen snow on the ground! It's not cold in here in California...well actually to native Californians, yes, it may be a bit chilly right now, and the only way for me to get a glimpse of snow, is going to the mountains!  So for now, I will enjoy the holiday spirit with palm trees decorated with Christmas lights! I must confess that right now, (just for a moment during the holidays!), I do really miss the site of these beautiful snow covered trees and even the cold weather. The snow just makes it feel like a real traditional Christmas.  I grew up in the Midwest, where almost every year we had a "White Christmas," although there were also years with no snow on the ground, and mild weather. There was nothing better than decorating the outside with Christmas lights, and running in to warm up by the fire with some hot chocolate, (now, some sort of cocktail for sure!). After that, we would decorate the Christmas tree, while watching the snow fall through the window. It truly is the most wonderful time of year, with so many amazing traditions and memories of being together with family.  It will certainly be a little different living on the West Coast, but as long as you spend it with your loved ones, it doesn't matter where you spend your holiday. Thankfully, my four sons will be here to spend the holidays with me, but I will certainly miss the rest of my family.  I truly hope that you enjoy this holiday season, and remember the true meaning of the spirit of Christmas. It's not about all of that crazy last minute shopping and buying gifts. The greatest gifts are the traditions you share with your families, while spending precious time together, smiling and laughing. It's about giving, helping out others, and touching a needy persons heart. I hope that the miracle of  this holiday season fills your heart with peace, love, and joy. Wishing you best wishes for a wonderful holiday season, and a New Year filled with laughter and happiness. Happy Holidays and ENJOY!!! xoxo
Cute Snowman
Forest in the Winter

Santa Baby
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Dog

Christmas Bulldog
Santa and Helpers
Snowman Baby
Christmas Baby

Red Christmas Balls
Fireplace Gif
Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Tree colorful ornaments
Christmas Light String
Christmas Lights
Orange/Gold Christmas Ornaments
Holiday Cheer Champagne
Christmas Ornaments in a Box
Tiffany Gifts in Sleigh
Christmas Glitter Ornaments
Tiffany Christmas Gifts
Christmas Ornaments on Tree
New Year 2016
Champagne Christmas
Grandinroad Peace Marquee Letters
Christmas the most wonderful time of year
christmas ornaments


  1. loved everything here!

  2. Love your pinterest site, I am so fascinated how you took the image with the little boy at christmas time with the lights in his hands, I have attempted to do this without success, I only manage to get the bright lights and not the baby he is all dark, could you tell me how you did this, I would really appreciate it. thanks Jan


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