Wednesday, February 4, 2015



I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much, for all of the support that I've received from starting this blog.  I started this with absolutely no idea about blogging... what I was doing, not even knowing how upload images, let alone line them up side by side!  One day on Pinterest, a fellow pinner named Tracy, left me a comment under one of my pins. She said, "you're creative, and you have a talent...have you ever considered starting a blog?" She is extremely talented with several successful blogs...and that's just one of her jobs! She has been such an inspiration, as well as a dear friend to me. With her encouragement, I listened to her, and began my journey to blogging. I have an awesome following on Pinterest, and love to be creative with designing some of my pins. I thought if I was able to figure out how to crop and create images on there, I'm sure I can do this with a blog, and create even more!  It has been such an awesome experience for me. I was totally computer bad that my sons would laugh at me! A couple of Mother's Days ago, my sons thought it was time for me to get with the program, and bought me this beautiful 27" MAC!!! I have been out of control ever since.  I've had to teach myself everything, but I learn something new every day!  I enjoy it so much, and I am so happy and grateful to have the opportunity to create and share new content with each new post.  It's truly been such a special journey for me.  I want to thank all of my fellow pinners, who come and pin from here, and all of the new supporters that I have gained since I began!  Thank you Tracy, for being my inspiration, and I THANK YOU ALL, for being a part of my journey!!! I have reached over 1 MILLION pageviews!!!!  With sincere gratitude, XOXO LOLO


  1. Congratulations Lolo! You are the best, and I love everything that you do. Miss Millionairess

  2. MM...Thank you so much! You have been such a huge part of my journey through Pinterest! I am so grateful to be a part of your boards! You've created an empire! I appreciate all of the thought, time, and effort you put into each of your unique boards, and absolutely love pinning to them. You're the best! xoxo

  3. Congrats Lolo!!! Well deserved ♥ Likewise - it's good to have a son who knows how it works :D I learn something new every day. That's a fun thing to do. xoxo


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