Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fabulous Jewelry by Alexis Bittar

Of course if it's bejeweled or bedazzled, I'm pretty sure I will love it! Alexis Bittar is the CEO, as well as the Creative Designer for this gorgeous collection of jewelry. Although this amazing American designer is famous for his signature Lucite bangles, there are so many other fabulous pieces to choose from. Above, from the Glacial Crystal Corporation, is the signature and hand-sculpted Alexis Bittar Cascading Fringe Hinged Collar Necklace, along with the Alexis Bittar Cascading Break Hinge Cuff, and the Shattered Spike Drop Earrings. His jewelry is absolutely fabulous, and a perfect accessory for any outfit. Enjoy more Alexis Bittar below! Just click on the image, or the description below for more info. Please note that each item is sold separately.(collages by LOLO, made for fellow pinners on Pinterest) Enjoy!!
Alexis Bittar Assorted Jewelry
Alexis Bittar Assorted Bangles
Alexis Bittar Assorted Jewelry
Alexis Bittar Montana Color Jewelry
Alexis Bittar Turquoise Jewelry
Alexis Bittar Heart Jewelry

For more fabulous Alexis Bittar Jewelry, visit Neiman Marcus 
(images via Neiman Marcus)

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