Monday, August 29, 2016

Customize Your Sunglasses

I have been looking for this certain pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses, with a Copper Flash Colored Lens. I searched and searched, and it was sold out everywhere. I randomly stumbled upon the Ray-Ban website, only to discover that you can design your own personal Ray-Ban Sunglasses, and I found the copper lenses I was looking for. I think I was on the site for almost two hours, creating a few designs for me, and then a couple for my sons! The customizing choices are endless. You begin by picking a style that you like from approximately 15 different style options. Then you get to pick the color lens you prefer, whether it be a gradient, polorized, mirrored, classic, or flash. You then proceed to the frame, with basic or trendy choices of gold, silver, black, gun metal, tortoise, and more. You even get to choose the temple tips, also available in basic and trendy colors. If you really want to get personal, you can add engraving to not only the sunglasses but the case as well! I had so much fun on the Ray-Ban site creating so many fabulous shades! So visit and try it out for yourself and customize your own. Do loud, do sunsets, do pop, do flash! DO YOU! The choices are endless. I created from seven different styles, with a variety of lens colors. Simply click on the image or the description below, for more information. Enjoy!!
Ray Ban Aviator Magenta Flash
Ray-Ban Aviator Copper Flash
Ray-Ban Aviator Orange Flash
Ray-Ban Aviator Light Ray Blue Mirrored
Ray-Ban Aviator Light Ray Orange Mirrored
Ray-Ban Aviator Light Ray Green Mirrored
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Silver Flash
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Copper Gradient
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Blue Gradient Flash
Ray-Ban Clubround Copper Flash
Ray-Ban Clubround Silver Flash
Ray-Ban Clubround Green Mirrored
Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Blue Flash
Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Orange Gradient Flash
Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Green Gradient Flash
Ray-Ban Round Metal Copper Flash
Ray-Ban Round Metal Silver Flash
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Light Ray Lilac Mirrored
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Light Ray Orange Mirrored
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Light Ray Blue Mirrored

Images via Ray-Ban

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