Sunday, August 25, 2013


What woman doesn't love receiving that beautiful blue box from Tiffany&Co.?  I have been fortunate to receive one, and unfortunately, it was not one of their stunning diamonds!!  Tiffany is truly one of my LOVES, and I will treasure my gift forever. The company has been around since 1837, and is renowned for its breathtaking diamonds and glamorous collections of extraordinary jewelry. The Tiffany Blue Box is an internationally known symbol of exquisite style and sophistication. The name "Tiffany & Co." has always been associated with love and romance. The Tiffany Setting is the world's most famous engagement ring. The style is modern, yet classic, with a timeless design that you can wear for a lifetime! 


                                                TIFFANY&CO. RINGS!!!
These are the Tiffany Celebration Rings that are on the Tiffany& Co. website. It allows you to pick and stack the rings which ever way you please!!! You can stack up to four of the rings, unless it's a wide band, and in that case you can only stack three.  It's so much fun....and these are just a few of my combos that I stacked!!!

 Here are all of my Tiffany&Co. Celebration Ring combinations  all stacked together!!! 
(ring stacks created by LOL

        Images via Tiffany&Co.
                                  ***The tall images are cropped and resized for optimized pinning on Pinterest***

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